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Really nice! I can feel all the work! It must be a long and funny journey :D. KEEP UP!

IonicApex responds:

Cheers! I will :D

Amazing :) really nice and simple

Really awsome. I love the colours and the whole scene too. I also like the retro style on it like how the suits looks to me :). Unfortunatly the force line don't gratify my sense of reading well not all of them...however lovely work.

This is very cool!Great work I like it a lot , but I can't understand why such a powerful creature look like running away fom the hunters looking at your piece in that way make me think that the monster isn't that scary or dangerous ( in my opinion ). I always like the idea of a monster that is not classicly the problem but just like an animal that kill for his nature , but you maked him look evil and so ( I repeat in my opinion ) is contradictory.By the way this work is tecnically awsome it have a great reading if we talk about the force line but misunderstood by the concept.

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Amazing! Lovely colours.I can really say that this piece tells to me , it have a great impact too!
Maybe I'll liked more to the face of the girl , but this is not a critic I just love it as it is :)

nice work and fun. It reminds me of the cartoons and humor of a local magazine here in Tuscany being much appreciated by us here


I was thinking to do something like this too.I like your work just hope to be able to see better the characters in short, a bit of detail in my opinion would make it stronger

Aslemn responds:

That was actually my intention. :S
When building the idea for this, I wanted to focus on using the colors sometimes used in the series, but instead of converging them in a black and white atmosphere, I wanted to make a very colorful thing to enhance these; I was also aiming on representing many scenes and objects in a single scenario; with all the objects deteriorating and merging into one perspective.

Sadly, I think I had to actually give up of some details and outlines, that contributed to things being a little hard to be seen. Oh well, I guess it's a lesson to be learned for the next attempt. :S

Love Hank's pose that's awsome and the rest of the work too :D

U are so good :D i cant critique lol...probably the only things i can say is about the eye ( in my opinion ) seems like crossed :)

I was born in Italy and here I found all what I love , sun , sea and art. I'm a crazy gamer and in fact I love too much play videogames or role-play games , I've played rugby since I was 8 now I decided that I am too lazy for that xD.

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