2013-04-26 10:34:40 by GabrieleB

Last meet for deciding solutions about the recent issues was like a brawl ahahahha.
But anyway we finded how to solve problems and so tests continue :D.
We decided to add more features on the game and are yet created now is more deep and big!
For example now the creation system allow to make explosive unite and weird and useful potions or maybe you will like to do a monster hunter , a tactical warrior that prefer first to do a plan and then guide the party into the field giving so bonus on all the proves and more more other cool stuff.

We started this game as a friendly project just for us but the idea was to do something big, mature and deep something that can be played for years with just one book , well we can now say that Rise is that game. We are now starting to look for groups of people that will like to test the game with or for us , unfortunatly they must be Italians u.u


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